Collection: Spare Parts for Shower Toilets

BrookPad accessories, replacement parts and after warranty spare parts. Here you can find replacement parts to smart toilet seats like: Cover assy, Seat assy, Top cover assy, slowing dumper, Base assy, Lever plate, Earth bracket, Inlet adapter ass'y incl screen filter, Solenoid valve assy, Water tank assy, Water heater + bi-metal + fuse assy, Water temp sensor, Level sensor, Drain cap assy, Base nozzle assy, Main PCB, Dry heater assy, Dry Front, Dry fan motor, Deodorizing filter, Deodorizing fan motor, Deodorozing filter case, Control panel assy, Control PCB, Control inlay, Remote control, Remote control assy, Remote control PCB, Slim key assy, Slim key PCB, IR receiver. Ion water filters are specialized filters that work well with both smart toilets and non-electric bidets.  Water filtration is recommended since the water delivered to the toilet might help to prolong the life of your gadget. If you do not find part that is needed for your BrookPad product write to us we will find it for you. You may find a function comparison here if you want to compare various SplashLet - Japanese style toilet models.